Our drinks


The simplest and most economical system on the market.

Beverages are in hermetic cartridges from 30 to 150 doses.

High qualitive protective film for optimal conservation over time.

Long life: Expiring date between 12 and 18 months

Vast choice :9 coffees (arabica, deca, espresso …), 6 gourmet drinks (cappuccino, caramel, 6 teas (mint, lemon, peach …..), 5 soups (vegetables, tomato, chicken …) and 2 cold drinks (Orange and peach apricot).


A range of complete toppinc drinks, choco-pops, oreo, Cholate nuggets, Lion Cereals, Muesli, Croutons, Vermicelli multicolors, Balls 3 chocolate…


Success calls for an adaptive solution

Developing a concept takes a lot of money and energy.

Know-how, knowledge of the market and experience are paramount to this.

Our expertise of almost 25 years and our know-how in the dosage allows to select and / or advise you the right products.

Packaging with the products we have selected

35 flavours to the range, 7 coffees,

4 cappuccino, 2 chocolates, 6 teas,

5 soups, 2 fresh drinks + special flavours

Packaging to your brand

You realize your marketing and your cartridges design, we provide you the elements for this.

We will then manage your inventory and replenishment.